ReNu Energy has significant experience in the management of anaerobic digestion bioenergy systems. The company currently owns and operates a 1MWe bioenergy facility at the AJ Bush rendering plant in Beaudesert, Queensland, and is developing a 1.6MWe bioenergy facility at the Southern Meats abattoir in Goulburn, New South Wales.

Why Bioenergy?

Biogas is a valuable source of renewable energy produced from waste streams associated with intensive livestock industries and food processing plants. Anaerobic digestion systems manage waste, reduce odour and greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing self-sufficiency through on-site power generation.

• The effluent and organic material is broken down in the covered digester in the absence of oxygen by bacteria.

• As the organic material is broken down (the digestion process) biogas is produced. Biogas contains approximately 60- 65% methane, 30-35% CO2, and trace amounts of hydrogen sulfide and other gases.

• The biogas is collected and the methane is isolated for use in a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Generator.

• The CHP produces electricity which powers the facility. The balance can be sold back to the grid through export arrangements.

• Heat that is produced through the CHP can be used to heat a facility as well as maintain the digester temperature.

• The digestion process produces both a liquid organic digestate that can be re-entered into the system to aid the digestion process or used as a liquid organic fertiliser. Solid residuals can be used as an organic compost material.

Bioenergy Benefits for your business

• Reduced energy costs for your business

• Reduced waste water treatment costs

• Reduced waste disposal charges

• Reduced carbon emissions

• A reduction in odour from your operations

Build, own, operate and maintain system

Through ReNu Energy’s Build Own Operate and Maintain (BOOM) model we can provide you with the benefits of biogas fuelled power stations, solar PV, battery storage and hybrid energy solutions with no upfront cost to you.

With BOOM models we offer a competitive alternative to retail electricity prices. Key benefits include:

• No upfront costs to customers

• Savings from day one of system generation

• Prices that are set for the length of the term

Our Projects

ReNu Energy has a successful track record having delivered over 10 EPC bioenergy projects, in the rendering, piggery and poultry industries.

The company currently owns and operates a 1.2MWe bioenergy facility at the AJ Bush rendering plant in Beaudesert Queensland, and is developing a 1.6MWe bioenergy facility at the Southern Meats abattoir in Goulburn New South Wales.


AJ Bush Bioenergy Electricity Generation Facility

Location: Beaudesert, Queensland

Business Type: Rendering facility

Power Capacity: 1.2MWe installed capacity

Status: In operation

PPA: Agreement to 2021

The AJ Bush rendering facility hosts the Company’s first BOOM project, commissioned in 2011.  The installed nameplate capacity of the project is 1.2MWe. The anaerobic digestion ponds at the rendering plant produces sufficient biogas for in excess 4 million kWh pa of electricity production. Additionally the project produces approximately 3,200 Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) per annum.

The project provides revenue for ReNu Energy through electricity sales and generation of LGCs.

Image Left: AJ Bush Cat Engine during testing phase

Goulburn Bioenergy Project

Location: Goulburn, New South Wales

Business Type: Sheep abattoir

Power Capacity: 1.6MWe dual fuelled

Status: Under construction

PPA: 20 years

Funding: $2.1 million Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) grant

ReNu Energy commenced construction activities at the Southern Meats site in May 2017.

The project includes the construction and commissioning of an anaerobic digester, gas treatment equipment, electrical generation and electrical interconnections to the facility.

The project will supply power to the abattoir at peak times of the daily billing cycle to reduce the operation’s overall power bill. To be able to meet the peak demand periods, the engines will be operated on dual fuel, blending biogas with natural gas. Dual fuel blending is a novel and innovative application in the field of anaerobic digestion biogas, enabling projects to better meet the demand cycles of customers and enhance project viability through the addition of natural gas.

ARENA plays a critical role in assisting technologies and businesses to successfully demonstrate and commercialise emerging renewable energy technologies. We wish to acknowledge the support and collaboration we have received from ARENA.

ReNu Energy has completed a statement of environmental effects, community consultation,  and has received development consent from Goulburn Mulwaree Shire Council.   A copy of the plan can be downloaded here Goulburn Bioenergy Project – Community Consultation Plan and Outcomes >>

Image right:  Courtesy of Southern Meats