Harness solar energy

ReNu Energy believes the only way to avoid future electricity price shock is to generate your own energy. ReNu Energy does this by installing commercial solar PV systems as part of the Embedded Network offering.

Save with lower cost power

Tenants will benefit from negotiated electricity pricing. Big or small, we will get you the best pricing. Together we can do better.

Seamless delivery

ReNu Energy will install solar PV and the Embedded Network at your premises at no cost to you, seamlessly. You will receive cheaper electricity through our Solar PV embedded network product.

How does it work?

For Building Owners

The ReNu Energy Solar PV Embedded Network is suited to a range of business and building types, shopping centres, apartments, retirement villages, in essence any multi-tenanted setup.

  • As a business owner, your building will be fitted with solar PV, enabling your common areas to be supplied with renewable energy
  • Through ReNu Energy’s negotiated electricity prices you will benefit from lower electricity rates
  • The installation of Solar PV on your building will improve your NABERS ratings and decrease greenhouse gas emissions under NGER scheme reporting
  • Green buildings have demonstrated increased tenant retention rates

For Tenants

If your building owner or body corporate elects to install a ReNu Energy Solar PV Embedded Network, you also have the option to sign up to ReNu Energy’s retail offering.

We know it can be difficult for small businesses to get the best rates from electricity retailers. ReNu Energy’s retail offering will give you the ability to share in the renewable solar power generated at the premises, as well as drawing from the benefits of the negotiated retail prices, providing you with cheaper electricity.

Why you save

ReNu Energy will generate on-site renewable energy, reducing the amount of fossil fuel generated electricity you need to buy from the grid and saving you network and distribution charges.  By joining in the Embedded Network, the building owner and tenants can all take advantage of negotiated electricity pricing. The savings generated are passed on to you, the customer.

Save money      Help the environment

Another better solution from ReNu Energy.