ReNu Energy has strong background and experience in anaerobic digestion bioenergy systems. The company currently owns and operates a 1MWe bioenergy facility at the AJ Bush rendering plant in Beaudesert Qld, and is developing a 1.6MWe bioenergy facility at the Southern Meats abattoir in Goulburn NSW.

Why Bioenergy?

Biogas is a valuable source of renewable energy produced from waste streams associated with intensive livestock industries and food processing plants. Anaerobic Digestion systems manage waste, reduce odour and greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing self sufficiency through on site power generation.

Bioenergy Benefits for your business

• Reduced energy costs for your business

• Reduced waste water treatment costs

• Reduced waste disposal charges

• Reduced carbon emissions

• A reduction in odour from your operations

Build, own, operate and maintain system

Through ReNu Energy’s Build Own Operate and Maintain (BOOM) model ReNu Energy can provide you with the benefits of biogas fuelled power stations, solar PV, battery storage and hybrid energy solutions.

With BOOM models we offer a competitive alternative to retail electricity prices:

• No upfront costs

• Savings from day one of system generation

• Locked in prices for length of the term

Find out more

To find out more about our anaerobic digestion and bioenergy offering and how ReNu Energy can help your business reduce your waste and become more sustainable call 07 3721 7500 or email