Solar PV Solutions

ReNu Energy is a supplier of renewable energy solutions for the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors.  We specialise in providing behind the meter solar power solutions from 50kW – 1,000kW systems, through the delivery of embedded networks systems or stand alone power purchase agreements (PPA). ReNu Energy is also assessing small scale utility solar PV project opportunities.

Why Solar PV?

Solar power systems can be quickly and easily installed on existing and greenfield facilities, providing an immediate reduction in electricity costs. Through the addition of battery technology or battery ready options, solar can be used to load shift, reduce peak energy demand and offset grid electricity consumption. ReNu Energy specialises in the delivery of two different solar solutions, Solar PV PPAs and Solar PV Embedded Networks.

Solar PV PPA

ReNu Energy can deliver affordable renewable energy to your operations through the installation of a commercial solar system on your premises’ roof or other open space, at zero cost to you.

ReNu Energy will supply and install a solar system which we will own, operate, and maintain. We will simply sell the electricity which is generated from the solar system back to you, the customer, at lower rates than ordinary retail electricity.

With PPA models we offer a competitive alternative to current retail prices. You will benefit from:

• No upfront costs

• Savings from day one of system generation

• Locked in prices for length of the term

• Reduced carbon emissions and increased green credentials


Solar PV Embedded Networks

ReNu Energy’s Solar PV Embedded Networks, are the ideal solution for buildings containing a number of tenants; either business or residential, who wish to take advantage of solar-powered renewable energy solutions.

ReNu Energy will install, own and operate a solar PV system on the building’s roof, and also establish an embedded network within the building, metering tenants and managing all the billing. By aggregating electricity consumption to a single bill, ReNu Energy is able to negotiate better retail electricity tariffs than individual tenants would be able to access. Furthermore, with the addition of solar power to the building during the day, overall energy consumption and cost is reduced for tenants.