Our Projects

We own and are building a portfolio of renewable energy projects, utilising proven technologies such as solar PV. Our projects typically operate under long-term contracts generating sustainable cash flows and creating shareholder value.

Below you will find an overview of our key projects that are in operation or nearing completion.

Mount Gambier Marketplace Solar PV Embedded Network

Size: 630kW DC

Location: Mount Gambier, South Australia

Status: In operation

Murray Bridge Marketplace Solar PV Embedded Network

Size: 980kW Dc

Location: Murray Bridge, South Australia

Status: In operation

Lismore Central Solar PV Embedded Network

Size: 185kW DC

Location: Lismore, NSW

Status: In Operation

Griffin Plaza Solar PV Embedded Network

Size: 360 kW DC

Location: Griffith, NSW

Status: In operation

Griffin Plaza is the first of four Solar PV Embedded Network projects located in shopping centres of the SCA Property Group.

The project has commence operation, with the centre’s tenants having the opportunity to enjoy a reduction in their energy costs by purchasing energy through ReNu Energy’s Solar Connect retail offering.

Amaroo Solar PV Project

Size: 600kW DC

Location: Amaroo, ACT

Status: In operation

ReNu Energy completed the purchase of the Amaroo Solar asset in February 2018.
Commissioned in 2015 the project is underpinned by a 20-year ACT Government feed‐in tariff scheme at $0.30/kWh.

AJ Bush Bioenergy Project

Size: 1.1MW AC

Location: Beaudesert, Queensland

Status: In operation

The AJ Bush Bioenergy Project was built and commissioned in 2011 and was acquired by ReNu Energy in 2015. ReNu Energy owns, operates and maintains the project and completed an upgrade of the generation equipment in early 2017. The installed nameplate capacity of the project is 1.1 MWe. The anaerobic digestion ponds at the AJ Bush rendering plant produce sufficient biogas for in excess of 3.4GWh pa of electricity production. The project also produces approximately 3,400 Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGC) per annum.

ReNu Energy generates revenue through electricity sales and LGC sales.


Goulburn Bioenergy Project

Size: 1.6MW AC

Location: Goulburn, NSW

Status: In operation

ReNu Energy achieved practical completion and commenced commercial operations of the $6 million Goulburn Bioenergy Project in February 2018.

The project included the construction and commissioning of an anaerobic digester, gas treatment equipment, electrical generation and electrical interconnections to the facility.

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