What we do

ReNu Energy Limited is an independent power producer which delivers clean energy products and services. The Company provides its customers with renewable energy, at a lower price, with no upfront cost.

The Company has a 30% interest in two bioenergy projects: a 1.1 MW bioenergy project in Queensland; and a 1.6 MW bioenergy project in NSW.

Behind the meter

Bioenergy PPA

We install and operate anaerobic digestion systems and bioenergy plants, and sell the electricity to the customer behind the meter under long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). Bio-methane is a valuable source of renewable energy produced from waste streams associated with intensive livestock industries and food processing plants. Anaerobic digestion systems manage waste, reduce odour and greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing our customers’ self-sufficiency through on-site power generation. Suitable for processing and agricultural facilities with organic waste streams.