Our Focus

Following the divestment of its portfolio of renewable energy assets during the 2020 financial year and completion of the abandonment of the two remaining geothermal wells in April 2021, ReNu Energy’s focus is to execute strategic investments in the clean energy sector.

On 2 June 2021, ReNu Energy announced a strongly supported capital raising of $1.46 million. The funds raised from the placement are being directed towards implementing its clean energy incubator/accelerator strategy, by taking strategic stakes and nurturing renewable energy projects, moving to either a controlling interest, supporting through to an IPO process or exiting via sale.

On 25 June 2021, ReNu Energy announced the acquisition of a cornerstone interest in Uniflow Power Limited (Uniflow), an unlisted public company commercialising a patented micro renewable energy generator powered by biomass – known as The Cobber.  ReNu Energy’s investment will fund Uniflow’s business plan to complete its Canberra demonstration project for The Cobber in Q3 2021 and the construction and testing of additional units to optimise design parameters and determine the most cost-effective methods for manufacture and distribution.

On 10 September 2021, ReNu Energy announced an investment in Enosi Australia Pty Ltd (Enosi), an Australian company that has developed Powertracer: a first-of-its-kind grid scale renewable energy trading and tracing solution.  Powertracer provides 24/7 energy tracing revealing the true renewable content of energy supplied to customers.  Through this investment, ReNu Energy gains exposure to a company at the forefront of developing a new class of Energy as a Service (EaaS) technology.

In December 2021, ReNu Energy announced an investment in Allegro Energy Pty Ltd, a battery technology company focused on the commercialisation of a unique water-based electrolyte battery technology, which has competitive advantages over technology currently available in the market.

In February 2022, ReNu Energy completed the acquisition of 100% of Countrywide Hydrogen Pty Ltd (Countrywide Hydrogen), an Australian company that originates green hydrogen projects to develop them in collaboration with project partners and governments. The transaction provides access to the growing green hydrogen industry through three Australian onshore green hydrogen opportunities under initiation with state governments and large partners. Countrywide Hydrogen also has a pipeline of opportunities in Canada and the USA.