Lower your costs &
impact on the environment

Enjoy the benefits of biogas fuelled power stations, and hybrid energy solutions with no upfront cost. We install own, operate and maintain anaerobic digestion systems and bioenergy plants and sell the renewable electricity to customers behind the meter, under long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

It’s a competitive alternative to retail electricity prices.
With savings from day one of system generation and price certainty.

Why bioenergy? How it works

Biogas is a valuable source of renewable energy produced from waste streams associated with intensive livestock industries and food processing plants. Anaerobic digestion systems manage waste, reduce odour and greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing self-sufficiency through on-site power generation.

  • The effluent and organic material is broken down by bacteria in the covered digester in the absence of oxygen.
  • As the organic material is broken down (the digestion process) biogas is produced. Biogas contains approximately 60- 65% methane, 30-35% CO2, and trace amounts of hydrogen sulfide and other gases.
  • The biogas is collected and the methane is isolated for use in a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Generator.
  • The CHP produces electricity which powers the facility. The balance can be sold back to the grid through export arrangements.
  • Heat that is produced through the CHP can be used to heat a facility as well as maintain the digester temperature.
  • The digestion process produces both a liquid organic digestate that can be re-entered into the system to aid the digestion process or used as a liquid organic fertiliser. Solid residuals can be used as an organic compost material.

Benefits of

ReNu Bioenergy

  • No upfront costs
  • Price certainty
  • Savings from day one of system generation
  • Reduced energy costs for your business
  • Reduced waste water treatment costs
  • Reduced waste disposal charges
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • A reduction in odour from your operations
  • Renewable energy and increased green credentials for the site
  • Increased environmental credentials

ReNu Bioenergy is a sustainable solution for processing and agricultural facilities with organic waste streams. Like abattoirs, rendering plants, waste water plants, piggeries, egg producers and food processing plants.