Go solar and save with
no upfront costs.

Solar is naturally a good choice. And now it’s even more accessible and affordable than ever.
With ReNu Solar PPA, you can get renewable energy at a lower price
with no capital outlay or ongoing maintenance costs.

It’s a cheaper and greener option than relying solely on grid electricity.

How it works

Get affordable renewable energy with ReNu Solar PPA.

  • Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) you can receive the benefits of solar with no upfront costs or capital outlay.
  • A ReNu Energy solar expert will assess your needs and design a tailored solar solution.
  • We will supply and install a high quality solar system on your premises.
  • We will own, operate, monitor and maintain the solar system for the term of your agreement.
  • You can buy the electricity generated from the solar system at lower rates than ordinary retail electricity.


Benefits of ReNu Solar PPA

It’s simply better.

  • Tailored solution
  • Seamless delivery
  • Quickly and easily installed
  • No upfront costs
  • Immediate savings
  • Price certainty
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Increased green credentials
  • Ongoing remote monitoring and maintenance at no cost
  • Maintenance program designed to safeguard and optimise solar assets

Our approach

1. Assessment
Our solar specialists will review your previous energy consumption, assess your needs and check if your premises are suitable.

2. Tailored solution
We’ll tailor a solution for your business. You’ll receive a detailed proposal including indicative system layout, specifications, rates and estimated savings.


3. Installation & operation
When you choose ReNu Solar PPA we’ll install a solar system* on your premises. You’ll buy the electricity generated from the solar system at lower rates than ordinary retail electricity. We’ll bill you monthly.

4. Optimal performance
We’ll monitor the solar system remotely to ensure optimal performance. So you can enjoy the benefits of solar without the operational hassles.

*ReNU Energy owns the solar system

ReNu Solar PPA is a sustainable solution for:

  • Commercial and industrial premises, such as factories, warehouses, cold-stores, retail outlets, and airports
  • Public buildings such as schools, libraries and hospitals
  • Community buildings such as clubs and RSLs