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Our Solar PV embedded networks are a smarter way for owners and tenants of multi-tenanted developments to access affordable renewable electricity, with no upfront costs.

                     How it works

Go solar and save, with no upfront costs, with ReNu Solar PV Embedded Networks.

  • Through a long-term lease agreement you can receive the benefits of solar with no capital outlay.
  • A ReNu Energy solar expert will assess your needs and design a tailored solar solution.
  • We will install, own and operate a high quality solar PV system on the roof/premises of your multi- tenanted property.
  • We will monitor and maintain the solar system for the term of your agreement.*
  • We will also establish an embedded network within the building, meter tenants and manage all the billing.
  • We can negotiate better retail electricity tariffs than individual tenants can access, by aggregating electricity consumption to a single bill (through a parent meter).
  • By adding solar power to the building during the day, overall energy consumption and cost are reduced.
  • Building owners and tenants have the option to sign onto our retail product ReNu Solar Connect. So you can share in the renewable solar power generated at the premises, and save with negotiated retail prices.
*ReNU Energy owns the solar system

Benefits for Building Owners

 It’s simply better.

  • Tailored solution
  • Seamless delivery
  • Quickly and easily installed
  • No upfront costs
  • Energy cost savings from day one
  • Increased green credentials for building
  • The installation of Solar PV on your premises will improve your NABERS ratings and decrease greenhouse gas emissions under NGER scheme reporting
  • Green buildings have demonstrated increased tenant retention rates
  • Access to low cost renewable energy for your common areas
  • Ongoing remote monitoring and maintenance at no cost
  • Maintenance program designed to safeguard and optimise solar assets

ReNu Solar PV Embedded Networks are a sustainable solution for multi-tenanted developments such as shopping centres, apartments and retirement villages.

What is ReNu Solar Connect?

ReNu Solar Connect is the electricity retail product that is offered to tenants within ReNu Solar PV embedded networks.

With ReNu Solar Connect you will be able to share in the renewable solar power generated at the premises, as well as draw from the benefits of negotiated retail prices, providing you with cheaper electricity. It’s a new way of making solar power available to you while still having the reliability of the grid as backup.

Benefits for Tenants

If your building owner or body corporate elects to install a ReNu Solar PV Embedded Network, it’s great news for you. Not only will your business be situated in a building with increased green credentials, you will also have the option to sign up to our retail product, ReNu Solar Connect with the following benefits:

  • Access to low cost renewable energy
  • Lower electricity rates with ReNu Energy’s negotiated electricity prices
  • Lower your impact on the environment

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