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Countrywide’s Green Hydrogen Projects

Countrywide’s model in Tasmania will form the basis of a nationwide distributed hydrogen network rollout.

Countrywide Hydrogen’s renewable hydrogen projects are designed to reduce emissions in Australia by displacing fossil fuels like diesel and natural gas. 

Road transport accounts for 20% of our nation’s emissions and is acknowledged to impact on health in the community. The natural gas industry is under pressure to reduce emissions and is looking to solutions that include a role for hydrogen.

With Australia being addicted to road transport to cover its vast geography, Countrywide Hydrogen has recognised the opportunity to displace diesel by transitioning road transport to emission-free fuel cell transport powered by green hydrogen.

To demonstrate the role green hydrogen will play in abating emissions, Countrywide Hydrogen selected Tasmania as a showcase location for its initial projects, it is currently progressing two 5MW (initially) electrolyser production facilities with refuelling, and a third refuelling site to provide comfort in securing statewide access to hydrogen.

Countrywide Hydrogen’s Tasmanian hydrogen production projects are located at transport hubs servicing Hobart (at Brighton/Bridgewater), Launceston (at Western Junction), and Devonport (at Wesley Vale) servicing the ports of Burnie and Devonport. These locations also offer the opportunity to decarbonise Tas Gas’s natural gas network by blending hydrogen into their system to reduce carbon emissions. Tas Gas is working with their business customers to offer 100% green hydrogen for industrial heating which has already struck a chord with new manufacturing operations at Brighton where new hydrogen pipelines are being laid.

Next, Countrywide Hydrogen aims to replicate the Tasmanian model on the mainland with green hydrogen production at solar and wind farm sites where major road transport corridors exist.