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Project pipeline

We are investing in Australian ingenuity and building a compelling renewable and clean energy portfolio.

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Our project vision

Late last year we announced our strategy to become one of the only ASX-listed renewable clean energy incubators / accelerators and are well on our way to being the Australian leader in green hydrogen projects focused on domestic supply.

We divested our underperforming assets and plugged & abandoned our remaining geothermal wells to allow us to accelerate the acquisition of a compelling portfolio of renewable and clean energy assets.

Now, with every strategic decision we make, we are brought closer to our vision of producing hydrogen for domestic use with a portfolio of renewable and clean energy projects. 

Current Projects

ReNu Energy is an investor in Australian ingenuity. We are one of Australia’s only listed incubators and accelerators of renewable energy technology and projects.

We have several projects underway in our portfolio of companies, ranging from green hydrogen development to energy storage solutions and battery technologies, to renewable energy tracing and generation. From early stage emerging technologies to proven commercial pilots, each company is at a different stage in its journey.

Click below to learn about what they do, and how they’re helping drive our clean energy future.

Countrywide Hydrogen

Countrywide Hydrogen is a wholly owned subsidiary of ReNu Energy Limited, following a merger in early 2022.

Founded by Geoffrey and Inge Drucker in 2015, the Company originates renewable hydrogen projects with a vision be a major green hydrogen supplier domestically and then to use its Australian learnings to expand to export and offshore projects. Countrywide Hydrogen pursues renewable energy opportunities where clean energy contributes to sustaining economies, eliminating emissions, and delivering growth opportunities.

Currently Countrywide Hydrogen is developing five renewable hydrogen projects, three in Tasmania and two in Victoria, with additional projects in its pipeline, both locally and offshore, to supply the growing demand for green hydrogen.

Tasmanian Green Hydrogen Project

Countrywide Hydrogen and its Project Partners are developing a Project that will launch the domestic hydrogen industry in Tasmania and Australia. The project will provide significant boost to the growth and creation of a green hydrogen industry in Tasmania and a smoother transition to green energy and quantifiable abatement of emissions.


Australia produces around 3,300 tonnes of lithium-ion battery waste each year (estimated to increase by 20% annually) and 2 million tonnes predicted globally by 2030 – Vaulta has the technology solution needed to reduce the creation of battery waste.

Vaulta is an Australian battery casing technology company. Using advanced composite materials and a smart, streamlined design, Vaulta has developed a lighter and smaller battery case with fewer parts, creating scalable efficiencies and opportunities for manufacturers. Vaulta’s patented casing design and composite materials are designed for battery repair, re-use and recycling leading to less battery waste and landfill.

ReNu Energy has signed a subscription agreement for an investment of up to $1 million in stages to acquire up to a 20% interest.

Allegro Energy

Allegro Energy (Allegro) is on a mission to radically accelerate the transition to a world powered by plentiful, cheap, clean energy, and make fossil fuels obsolete.

Founded in 2017, Allegro has developed a unique water-based electrolyte, which can be used in the development of high performance, safe, non-toxic, non-flammable supercapacitors and redox flow batteries, enabling energy storage that is safe, cheap and non-flammable.

Allegro holds an exclusive worldwide licence from Wellington UniVentures to commercialise the technology with an exclusive option to acquire full ownership from Wellington UniVentures for cash payment or issue of Allegro shares. The technology is patented in Australia, New Zealand, China and Europe and patent applications are pending in the US and Japan

Enosi Australia

Enosi Australia uses smart metering data to trace, match and settle energy production and consumption in an effort to reduce our impact on climate change. It does this through a first-of-its-kind technology innovation – Powertracer – a grid-scale renewable trading and tracing solution.

Customers and businesses can trace their renewable energy mix 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and Powertracer enables energy retailers to sell this clean energy direct.

Tracing carbon free energy is quickly becoming the next global sustainability benchmark.

Uniflow Power

Uniflow Power is an Australian company dedicated to commercialising a new renewable energy technology, the Cobber. The Cobber is a small-scale biomass and multi-fuelled steam engine that produces renewable combined heat and power on demand.

With the support of ReNu, the Company is piloting the Cobber in Canberra which is designed for approximately 4.5kW of electrical power and 20kW thermal energy. This patented technology has the potential to displace fossil fuels, predominantly diesel and petrol, when used for generator